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Art Land Country Club is located at Atrland Holel, Pailanhut on Diamond Harbour Road just a stone throw away from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. Which is 5 Kms. from Belala Tram Depot. This is nearest country club where you can breathe fresh air and refresh your sense with the flora and fauna of the nature. This is the ideal space for spending a leisure weekend in the lap of beautiful nature with the warm hospitality & luxury of the country club away form the noisy & busted environment of the city. You can come here for family picnic also. The beautiful architect of the buildings green lawns, luxurious rooms, open air, natural lagoon makes Art Land Country Club the perfect place for spending holiday, be refresh and Enjoy.

Upcoming Facility:

Lawn Service, AC Lounge with Bar. AC Ladies Lounge. Air Restaurant, Adda Theme Tea shop, Jacuzzi, Baby pool, Pool side Bar. Boating & fishing etc

Membership Details

Option One :

  • Membership Duration : 1 Years
  • Charges : Rs. 20,000/-
  • Facilities : 7 days free stay in any of our hotel during one year.

Option Two :

  • Membership Duration : 3 Years
  • Charges : Rs. 35,000/-
  • Facilities : 21 days free stay in any of our hotel during three years.

Option Three :

  • Membership Duration : 5 Years
  • Charges : Rs. 50,000/-
  • Facilities : 35 days free stay in any of our hotel during five years.

Option Four :

  • Membership Duration : 10 Years
  • Charges : Rs. 1,00,000 /-
  • Facilities : 75 days free stay in any of our hotel during ten years.


Other Facilities

  • 20% Discount on room booking .
  • Provide discount in the other hotels between the Artland group.
  • Discount on Banquet.
  • Discount on Conference Booking .
  • Invition in our own event .
  • Discount on Disco .
  • Corporate Membership also available on request .



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